Very popular among Anglo-Saxons, « incentives » are real motivation programs. Little used in our country, they are nevertheless, in times of economic disaster, extremely powerful working tools. Under the banner of a shared collective pleasure, they reinforce the cohesion of the teams. By sharing a moment of relaxation and common well-being, affective and professional relationships develop naturally. Used to value merit or simply to unite employees, « incentives » differ in form and function. The important thing is to compose them in such a way that they will be easily addressed to the people to whom they are offered. However, to meet their intrinsic purpose, they must inevitably have a share of surprise, a part of dream …. Isn’t it in the dream that the future is forged? Whether the dreams are culinary, cultural, sports, tourist or associative, their duration depends on the objectives to be achieved. They can last a few hours, a day, or even more.


Successful internal stimulation can not be improvised, it takes reflection, preparation and especially finding the right place … everything is about preparation. Many leaders or HR managers are looking for new ideas to revitalize or retain their troops, incentives meet their expectations. At Dynam ‘, group management is one of our strengths.


« From team building to incentives, through various activities, we have been doing event marketing for years with success and answering all requests, well almost! «