Creative teams are the strongest



A few weeks ago, Dynam’s new « upcycling » team building took place welcoming its first group. With the wish to improve information exchange within its team and also finish an original project within budget, the management of this « S » size group handed over the organisation of its first ever team building to Dynam.

After a short welcome with coffee and croissants as well as a theoretical explanation as to why creative teams are stronger thanks to upcycling, the groups got into action right away. Guided by Dynam staff that are professionals in applied art, participants were split into 4 groups. Each group received a Pandora’s box and with a number of various objects to recycle. They went ahead to create an original piece of art portraying their every day at work.   By being creative, communicating, listening, each group implemented innovative ideas. After a quick lunch break, the teams put the finishing touches on their creative work and presented them with much enthusiasm.

At the end of the day, the best piece was given a prize. Also, the participants were asked what they learned from this new activity. All were unanimous: they learned to talk to new colleagues they did not know and were happy to get to know them on a different level.