Event marketing strategy

Nowadays, event marketing is considered as being a natural complement to any company communication. As such, it takes more and more importance in current commercial strategies. To use some imagination, to innovate in the face of competition or interact with clients, these are all elements that reinforce promoting a brand, a company or an organisation.

By making a mark on everyone’s mind, it multiplies the opportunities to meet and exchange. Getting closer on a B2B or B2C level then takes place in a natural way and leads to a real sense of pleasant mutual understanding.

By applying these principles at the inauguration of the new production facilities and GCM’s SA new administration building, Dynam put into practice these very principles with a well implemented event marketing strategy.  From  the general concept to implementing the event, including graphics, catering management, the decoration and the FMX motorcycle show organised with the World Champion Mat Rebeaud and his team, Dynam delivered an innovative event catered for B2C.